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Leaf Module Panel Systems


The exterior oscillating geometry consists of a marine fabric and a 3d printed exoskeleton. The interior assembly is connected by a carbon steel rod and linear gear rack that oscillate vertically, rotating gears and sliding through the linear ball bearings. The gear box is used to translate the higher torque, lower tooth count gear to a high speed gear that rotates a small microgenerator producing electricity. The more wind applied the greater the oscillation and electrical production that will be stored on site.

Exploded Module

The concept is designed to plug into an external wall panel system for new construction or existing buildings. The layout is either in a steel frame connection or an integrated system that can be adapted in many exterior fenestration types. The module is designed to be in a  “plug and play” format where it can be accessed through the wall panel to swap out gear boxes and leaf sails for next generations and regular maintenance of the system.

231212 LEAF PANEL_final.png

Standard Wall Panel (4' x 6')

Urban Residential Building Visualization with Modules

These modules work in concert with solar panels, like a trickle charger for the building storing energy on-site and produce energy day and night.


Prototype Photos from LACI's Fall Power Day 10/5/23 Demo

(USPTO patent pending as of 9/1/2023)

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