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casey castor

Casey started his journey in Architectural design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and made his way to Los Angeles in 2016 working at an Architectural firm. He received his Masters in Building Science + Sustainable Design in 2019 where he has worked as a Building Science Analyst studying buildings relationship to the natural climate, energy and carbon. This concept is a project that Casey has been passionate about for years and the business is an early stage start-up.

Co-Founder + CEO

Matthew has been working in manufacturing aeronautical equipment for multiple years in  Minneapolis, MN. Prior to this he has been working in machining and manufactural processes since graduating from UW-Stout in 2014. He had been approached by his brother Casey to join the team with Mack Research and has been a part of the working development team for the last year and a half.


matthew castor

Co-Founder + CPO


jack strader

Jack moved to Orange County in 2018 and worked for multiple groups pursuing IT infrastructure, server building and day to day IT support. After working for multiple years, he was sick of the poor IT support that was being provided to consumers so he started his own IT company Luxury IT in 2019. Jack has been working separately with Mack Research since 2021 supporting our needs and getting deeper into the business venture.

CIO + Director of IT

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